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IDENMET PROGRAM discover new meteorites.

Four months have passed since the launch of IDENMET program, identification and analysis of meteorites. Was the extraordinary reception given that more than a hundred samples were subjected to the study protocol of this program.Tens of rocks that have been sent to us from all parts of the world, the United States, Morocco, India, China, Spain, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, etc ...That hundred samples studied have been identified six authentic meteorites, whose samples will be displayed in the windows of the exhibition RUINS OF THE UNIVERSE, we promote.All identified specimens have been documented, and their owners are already enjoying the benefits of knowing the authenticity of the meteorite. Today some of them are promoting their sale, and others however prefer to keep and display on display, with the guarantees of having obtained a certificate of study to which the rocks were subjected.From here, we continue to encourage everyone to participate in this program of scientific research, which is enabling us to move forward enough in the knowledge of the universe through the remains, which are meteorites.They have all the information on our website ( www.meteoritoscanarias.blogspot.com/p/programa-idenmet.html ) or can apply through our email.


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