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Meteorites in the United States.

October 16th, 2013  |  J.G.

Slightly more than 140 large meteorites have made ​​an impact with Earth violently in North America. Of them have recovered many fragments that have been identified and are included in agencies and museums around the world .
But regardless of this, U.S. is the region of the Earth that has received more or meteorite impacts have been found, which places it in a region prone to such findings .
According to research , 300,000 square kilometers per year would fall in the range of about 17 meteorites weighing less than 100 grams , three kilogram weight would be around , and one every two or three years would be about weighing ten kilograms .
This means that the cluster of meteorites in desert areas and sparsely populated farmland and the like is constant, and it is relatively easy to find this type of rock .
In the great American desert plains , meteorites stand out as dark rocks and pebbles on the pale desert sands .
The need to find these rocks is imperative to continue analyzing and discovering what remains to be discovered about the genesis of the solar system .

Therefore in this expedition we promote we considered important to give all stakeholders the opportunity to analyze the findings made ​​. Do you have found a meteorite ? Do you have a rock that may seem alien? We propose to analyze free , no cost to you. To do this, send a fragment or sample so that our lab can analyze and determine whether or not a meteorite.

Also, this Expedition is available to give talks , and collaborate with universities and government agencies interested in the subject of meteorites and astronomy in general.

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