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IDENMET Program analysis and identification of meteorites.

A few dates ISLANDS EXPEDITION encouraged everyone to participate in the program IDENMET , whereby, made ​​available to the amateur and professional meteorite hunter scientific resources for the analysis of the pieces found .
In recent years , many people who go into the field to track and search for meteorites , but I'm really very few experts and a laboratory devoted to the work of identification of these rocks , and those that do , charge significant sums of money for it.
For this reason , we have proposed a meteorite hunter those who want their findings to be analyzed for free by clicking , to participate in the program IDENMET .
To do this , just have to send us some samples or fragments of their findings , to be analyzed , along with an essay written all the features of the find to:

J. L. García.
Analysis Department
P.O. Box 3.
35260 - Agüimes (Las Palmas - Spain)

Any information to our e - mail , or at the following LINK .

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